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Car Rental Τhassos

Car Rental for the beautiful Thassos! With many pick up and drop off locations for your rental car, it is very easy to move in all regions of East Macedonia and of course the unique Thassos!

The abundant vegetation and clean beaches give the relaxation you need and the magical landscapes will make you want to stay for ever! Keramoti, Kavala connects directly to the port of Thassos. Keramoti is just half an hour away from the center of Kavala!

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kavala rent a car

Rent a Car Κavala

With car rental in Kavala you have the opportunity to experience the beauty of a seaside city, starting point for many interesting excursions! We offer many pick up anf drop off locations for the rental car that you want for your vacations, so you can visit all the destinations in and out of Kavala, such as Halkidiki, Asprovalta, Komotini, Alexandroupolis, Drama and many more!

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Car Rental Drama

If you want to visit the beautiful Drama, the best way is a car rental! Just 45 minutes away from the center of Kavala, when you visit the East Macedonia from distant cities such as Athens, a rental car will give you the opportunity and the convenience to visit Drama and many more unique destinations around Drama!

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Car Rental Αlexandroupolis

Car rental to visit the beautiful Alexandroupolis! Renting a car is very easy now, as you can book the car of your choice and it will be waiting for you in Alexandroupolis airport when you arrive! Alexandroupolis is really beautiful. Not only because it is a seaside city with beautiful scenery, but because as the surrounding towns that offer many unique!

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rent a car serres

Car Rental Serres

If you are spending your vacation in Kavala, don’t forget to visit the interesting cities around Kavala, with great history, beautiful natural landscape and archaeological interest! Car rental Serres to visit, and enjoy the beauty of a different city just 88km away from Kavala! Don’t get stressed about the rental car and where to find it, we offer many service points for you to be able to travel all around Macedonia!

Serres is a beautiful city, the capital of Serres prefecture and is one of the Greek cities with great history.

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Car Rental Asprovalta

Approximately 80 km away from Kavala, is located Asprovalta, just in the middle of Strimonikos bay, an area with great tourist interest. With a car rental from either Kavala or Thessaloniki, the distance is equal, while it is the best point to enjoy the sea and start your trips around Halkidiki, Kavala and all the beautiful destinations!

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Car Rental Komotini

Rent your vacation car and visit beautiful Komotini! Whether you start your journey from the airport of Kavala either Alexandroupolis is easy to get to your final destination, as we offer many pick up and drop off locations. Fill today our rental car platform and your car will be waiting when you arrive!

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rent a car halkidiki

Rent a Car Halkidiki

Α great opportunity to explore the beauty of Halkidiki peninsula, is with a car hire Halkidiki. Halkidiki is a very popular summer destination, located in Central Macedonia, in Thessaloniki prefecture. If you need a car hire in Halkidiki, we are here for you, offering many pick up and drop off point all around Halkidiki!

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Car Rental Xanthi

Located just 42 minutes from Kavala with a rental car, Xanthi is beautiful, in a special place, next to the Nestos Delta and Vistonida lake. A trip that should not be missed, or even better to spend several days if you have the comfort. Renting a car is a must, as you are given the opportunity to see unique landscapes that you will not believe.

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rent a car thessaloniki

Rent a Car Thessaloniki

Rent a car Thessaloniki and meet the beauty of the second greatest city of Greece! With many service points for you to drop off or pick up the rental car of your choice, you will have the opportunity to visit all the interesting places inside and outside Thessaloniki! Keep in mind, that Thessaloniki is a big city with many different places of archaeological, historical, natural and cultural interest.

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