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Ancient Maronia Komotini

When you visit Komotini, do not forget to make a special trip to the ancient Maronia. With a car hire from Komotini, access is very easy with only 29 kilometers distance from the city center, less that Alexandroupolis as mediates a mountainous region.

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Traditional bridges Xanthi

The Bridges in Xanthi have their own character, with records of more than 35 stone arch bridges. Officially, of course, there are 12 bridges listed for their rare and traditional construction and beauty.

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The old town of Xanthi

The architectural monuments in the old town of Xanthi are of unique beauty and cultural heritage, with tobacco warehouses, residential complexes and individual buildings scattered in the prefecture of Xanthi!

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Drama Entertainment and sports

Drama offers unique experiences for those interested in sports tourism! The countryside and the unique mountain areas around Drama, are offered for a variety of sports, especially when you have the comfort of a car rental!

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Aggitis Springs, Drama

When you are so close to the largest cave of Greece you should not miss the chance to visit. With a car hire from Drama and Kavala, even from Serres, you are given the opportunity to see the beautiful springs of cave Aggitis the Alistrati cave and walk in unique routes of natural wealth!

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Aristotelous Square Thessaloniki

When you visit Thessaloniki, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the Aristotelous square Thessaloniki, that is the place where you will see the coupling of the classic architecture of Thessaloniki and the modern life style!

Aristotelous square is the central point of Thessaloniki, where you can enjoy a walk by the sea, and a coffee in one of the crowded coffee shops. It is the only open spacious place around the center of Thessaloniki where many events are taking place every year. In fact its one of the largest squares in Greece!

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Neos Marmaras

If your starting point of your journey is Neos marmaras, feel free to ask us for a car hire Neos Marmaras! We make it easy for you, by having many drop off and pick up locations, for your convinience!

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Sithonia is the area covered by the second leg of the Halkidiki peninsula, an area with magnificent natural landscape and countless beaches. With a car hire Sithonia, you are given the opportunity to make excursions around the middle leg of Halkidiki peninsula and the surrounding areas, without restrictions and stress! 

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Thessaloniki Center

Thessaloniki center, is the heart of Thessaloniki, with a unique architectural and georgaphical beauty, and a rich history hard to compaire with other cities! Aristotelous square is the most central place of Thessaloniki, while around the square, unfold beautiful neighborhoods and historical monuments, forming the center of Thessaloniki. Around Aristotelous square, the buildings are of great architectural interest like Stein Building, even the same Aristotelous square and the Thessaloniki center was designed by Ernest Hebrard.

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