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Aggitis Springs, Drama

When you are so close to the largest cave of Greece you should not miss the chance to visit. With a car hire from Drama and Kavala, even from Serres, you are given the opportunity to see the beautiful springs of cave Aggitis the Alistrati cave and walk in unique routes of natural wealth!

Just 25 km from Drama, starts Aggitis cave, from where the springs of the river Aggitis are, in a huge cave with limestone and a history of more than 30,000 years, and fossils showing the existence of rhinos, mammoths and other unique animals from ancient times.

The nature around the cave is unique, with spruce and birch forests, rare species of animals and plants, springs and waterfalls. You are given unique hiking options, and mountaineering.

Next to the cave of Alistrati which continues over the river Aggitis, is the wild and steep canyon Aggitis, which is ideal for hiking by experienced hikers, rafting and of course observation of nature.

Spend a day in these unique landscapes, equidistant from Drama and 48 minutes distance from one another with a Car Rental!