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Ancient Maronia Komotini

When you visit Komotini, do not forget to make a special trip to the ancient Maronia. With a car hire from Komotini, access is very easy with only 29 kilometers distance from the city center, less that Alexandroupolis as mediates a mountainous region.

Ancient Maronia was built very close to the sea, known as Ismaros. The power of this city was great, with walls that exceeded the 10 kilometers, while the gravel paths and archaeological findings are numerous and unique. Known from Homer, the ancient Maronia, founded by Maron, priest of Apollo, has a beautiful Roman theater, the cave of the Cyclops, whom Odysseus blinded to continue his journey to Ithaca. From the top, you will see the Odysseio Kennel, the path Odysseus walked.

Under the ancient Maronia, is the beautiful beach Kageles after a trip between ancient olive trees and black pine forests. You can enjoy a crimson sunset on the beach Kageles as the last light of the sun falls on the vertical cliffs of red clay on the back of the beach. While just next to it, in the beach Petrota you will find a coast full of fossils.

Do not miss the opportunity of an unforgettable experience in your tour from the coast to Maronia and the completion of the tour in Petrota, with a car hire!