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kavala rent a car

Rent a Car Kavala

With a car hire from Kavala, you can easily star your excursions to the surrounding areas, like Chalkidiki, Drama, Serres and even Xanthi, without stress. Unique holiday destinations around Kavala that cover every need, from relaxing holidays to enchanting beaches to alternative holidays with extreme sports.

Car Rental Kavala Airport

Rent a car for your vacations from Kavala Airport and enjoy your stay in all the unique destinations around Kavala from Halkidiki to Alexandroupolis!

The Kavala airport (KVA), known as the airport “Megas Alexandros” is situated 30 km outside the city of Kavala, in the Agiasma area. It operates since 1952 and initially was served by the Hellenic Airforce’s aviation facilities. In 1981 the airport moved to its current position, and in 1987 began to operate internationally!


Car Rental Xanthi

Located just 42 minutes from Kavala with a rental carXanthi is beautiful, next to the Nestos Delta and Vistonida lake. A trip that should not be missed, or even better to spend several days if you have the comfort. 


Car Rental Thasos

Car Rental for the beautiful Thassos! With many pick up and drop off locations for your rental car, it is very easy to move in all regions of East Macedonia and of course the unique Thassos!


Car Rental Alexandroupolis

Car rental to visit the beautiful Alexandroupolis! Alexandroupolis is really beautiful. Not only because it is a seaside city with beautiful scenery, but because as the surrounding towns!


Car Rental Drama

If you want to visit the beautiful Drama, the best way is a car rental! A rental car will give you the opportunity and the convenience to visit Drama and many more unique destinations around Drama!


Car Rental Komotini

Rent your vacation car and visit beautiful Komotini! Whether you start your journey from the airport of Kavala either Alexandroupolis is easy to get to your final destination, as we offer many pick up and drop off locations. 


Car Rental Serres

Rent a car from Thasos easy and fast, for your vacations. Use our reservation form to find the best prices for your rental car, and it will be waiting for you at the port!

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