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Ancient Philippi

Just outside the city of Kavala, only 15 km west, you will find the ancient city of Philippi. An archaeological monument that should not be missed. The easiest way to get there is with a rental car from Kavala to give you the comfort and the opportunity to visit interesting destinations all around!

The archaeological site where the ruins of the city of Philippi are preserved, is large and the name was acquired by Alexander the Great’s father, as originally the name was Krinides. Over the years, the city of Philippi acquired great force since after 42 BC and the conquest of the city by the Romans, the gold mines and Egnatia Street gave another impetus to the city. Even later, in 50AD the first Christian church across Europe was founded by the Apostle Paul.

Excavations continue to bring to the surface new findings and parts of the city of Philippi! Rent your holiday car and visit all the important and interesting destinations around Kavala!