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Sithonia is the area covered by the second leg of the Halkidiki peninsula, an area with magnificent natural landscape and countless beaches. With a car hire Sithonia, you are given the opportunity to make excursions around the middle leg of Halkidiki peninsula and the surrounding areas, without restrictions and stress! 

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Sarti in Sithonia, the second leg of Halkidiki, is a beautiful beach resort with enormous sandy beach. A car hire Sarti to visit is a must, because without a rental car you will not have the chance to visit all the beautiful beaches around Sarti.

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Tripiti beach – Thassos

On your holiday in the beautiful island of Thassos, do not forget to visit Trypiti beach with a huge rock which gives special figure to the beach, as it has a big hole in the middle. With a rental car, it is really easy to get to Tripiti beach and enjoy the view!

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Nea Peramos, Kavala

Rent your vacation car and visit all the unique destinations of Eastern Macedonia! New Peramos, is a town outside of Kavala, which was named by the refugees from Asia Minor, Peramos, south of the Marmara Sea.

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Ancient Philippi

Just outside the city of Kavala, only 15 km west, you will find the ancient city of Philippi. An archaeological monument that should not be missed. The easiest way to get there is with a rental car from Kavala to give you the comfort and the opportunity to visit interesting destinations all around!

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Castle of Kavala

A destination that you shouldn’t miss, the Castle of Kavala is the most characteristic monument of the city, with the citadel dating back to 1425. You will enjoy a beautiful walk with views of the bastions and towers and the aqueduct known as “Kamares” complements the unique view.

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rent a car thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Center

Thessaloniki center, is the heart of Thessaloniki, with a unique architectural and georgaphical beauty, and a rich history hard to compaire with other cities! Aristotelous square is the most central place of Thessaloniki, while around the square, unfold beautiful neighborhoods and historical monuments, forming the center of Thessaloniki. Around Aristotelous square, the buildings are of great architectural interest like Stein Building, even the same Aristotelous square and the Thessaloniki center was designed by Ernest Hebrard.

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